Is your team ready to implement APW?

Is Your Team Ready to Implement Advanced Work Packaging?

Advanced Work Packaging (AWP) can be a powerful tool for capital project managers to reduce time and cost. Construction Industry Institute (CII) research suggests savings of 10% to 15% are possible in time and total installed cost.

However, most projects fail to achieve anywhere near these benefits. The number one cause for the shortfall is organization capability. That is, the project team is not ready. They do not have the people, processes, leadership and other abilities to implement a major operational and organizational change in the course of project delivery.

ePM can help. We are experts in project organization design and performance. We have a proven methodology for assessing your team’s capability, identifying weaknesses and recommending corrective interventions. Our approach examines your team’s ability to meet AWP critical success factors including:

  • Do you have an experienced AWP leader with the authority to drive material changes in your project management approach?
  • Are your senior project leaders trained in AWP program plans and aligned on their individual accountabilities and deliverables?
  • Is your planning department equipped to lead a collaborative scheduling process, working backward from system startup?
  • Are your engineering and construction contracts structured to enable cooperation and reward true AWP scheduling?
  • Do you have the software systems and skills to manage AWP work packages and reporting?
  • Are your Operations and Construction teams on-board early in the project and equipped to lead the AWP planning and scheduling process?

You receive an independent objective evaluation of what your team is capable of, quantified expected outcomes and targeted interventions to correct the shortfalls. The result is greatly improved chances of success in pursing AWP.