Relentless Progress on Capital Projects.

Meeting business objectives on major capital projects is difficult, despite the detailed planning that goes into schedules and budgets. Whether it’s competition for resources, inconsistent benchmarking or simply the skills of your team coming up short, there’s plenty that stands in the way of completing a project. ePM has provided successful project optimization for dozens of organizations.

Major Projects Organization Design and Development

ePM used SimVision® to provide expert guidance on decision-making strategy, joint venture partner alignment and project optimization.


Transportation Infrastructure Joint Venture Alignment

ePM supported an eight-member constructors consortium in the design and construction of eight metro train lines in the Middle East. The total installed cost was $8 billion.


Natural Gas Capital Project Organization Readiness

ePM assisted over the course of three years a $40 billion project to build off-shore gas wells and an onshore LNG liquefaction facility.


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