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Pushing the Limits of Project assessment.

Whether your team is forming a new venture organization or executing a major capital project, you want a project assessment that ensures you’re maximizing your efficiencies in both time and cost.  ePM improves the physics and chemistry of organization performance with our unique expertise in organizational engineering and sophisticated simulation technology that gives decision-makers the confidence to lead projects to success. Put the project analysis in our hands, and we’ll help you act  with confidence.

Our Approach

ePM’s method to project control is simple: optimize the organizations, integrate the teams and prepare the leaders to deliver predictable performance. Using our advanced organization simulation technology, we’ll envision the possibilities for your project’s organization by helping you create flexible, nimble teams. With our expertise in organization engineering, you’ll be able to anticipate and adapt to changes over the course of your project. Throughout, we’ll provide leadership coaching to prepare you for the unique challenges you face to see your project through to the successful end.


Organization Design and Development

We design the best organization structure for your project: decision-making authorities, communication plans, leadership requirements, staffing needs, essential work processes. How should the structure change over the project lifecycle? Where are skills inadequate and how can we improve them? How is information shared? How do we manage interfaces between functions? We equip your team for success.


We evaluate your team’s capability and suitability for the project: Are they ready for the next project phase? Where are they weak and strong? How should they address the gaps and shortfalls? Which leaders can benefit most from coaching and skill development? Are work processes appropriate, documented and followed? Are decisions made at the right level, timely, communicated and effective? Do they communicate and use information efficiently? You receive a comprehensive plan to improve.


We use SimVision organization simulation models to help you make better-informed faster decisions. We quantify the costs, benefits and risk, compare and rank alternative strategies and optimize the fit between the organization and its work. Managers who use models make decisions three times faster, build a stronger consensus and have a bias for action.


We align your project leaders on mission, vision, goals, accountabilities, decision authority and deliverables. We use a series of workshops to identify and resolve gaps. Individual leaders receive tailored on-on-one coaching and professional development assistance. You get a high-functioning leadership team that is pulling together for project success.


We tailor a workshop series to solve real problems and get real work done, such as work process development, accountabilities deliverables and interfaces, goal alignment and execution plans. You get a project team fully aligned on what needs to be done and how to do it.


Project phase transitions are high-risk events. The work changes, the organization changes, plans are recast, important decisions are made. Transitions should be deliberately and thoroughly planned well in advance of execution. ePM’s experts guide your team through the phase transition planning process. You get a low-risk, reliable transition with no surprises.



ePM Survey™ has information on the opinions and experiences of thousands of project personnel. We can gauge your team’s capability and alignment and show you how they compare to other teams on similar projects. We use it to identify weaknesses and prioritize corrective interventions.


ePM’s maturity matrix gauges your project team’s maturity in five categories: work processes, organization, leadership, communication and business risk. We use it to target areas for improvement and to monitor progress over time.


ePM’s expert consultants deliver custom-tailored coaching and professional development for your project leaders. We correct skill shortfalls and improve their chances of success.


We use accountabilities, deliverables and interfaces to assure that all project functions are aligned on what they do, what they produce and who they coordinate with. Our workshop series takes everyone through the process of defining, presenting and aligning on ADIs for each project phase. You get crystal clear understanding and alignment throughout the project team.


Learning to work in a major project’s matrixed organization is difficult. Everyone has two bosses – the project manager and the function manager – and multiple coordination points. ePM’s Execution-Functions Matrix clearly maps out all the complexities to foster clear understanding and alignment.

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