Frequently Asked Questions

Answers for some of the most frequently asked questions about installing, modeling, probabilities, rework links, risks and exceptions, running simulations, results and interventions.


Why does SimVision ask for an auth code/change the serial number every time I open it?

I updated my Windows OS and now SimVision won’t run. What should I do?

Can I Run SimVision on a Mac?

What are the features of the various SimVision license types?

Are demonstration models or tutorials available?


What is the Baseline case?

What is the refined Baseline case?

What is the importance of setting planned milestone dates?

What is the difference between the program start date and the program’s planned “start” milestone?

What does “setting a seed” mean?

If I decide to add position skills, when should I do so?

If I decide to staff my model, when should I do so?

What is the importance of skill matching?

Is it okay to use secondary task assignments in the Baseline Case?

What are connectors, and when should I use them?

Can communications links be used between sequential as well as parallel tasks?

Do strategic or tactical models take longer to build in SimVision?

Do projects inherit finish dates from the program?

How do I model a task that requires a percentage of everyone’s time throughout the project?

How do I model projects for which an end date has not been specified?

Can I use different work volume measurements for different tasks in a model?


Why does the simulation show Coordination volume when probability rates are set to zero?

Do non-zero probabilities automatically affect schedule?


Create Illustrative Models

Generating Project Exceptions

Rework Assigned to Upstream Tasks

Rework Assigned to Downstream Tasks

The Meaning of Rework Strength


What are the risk metrics used in SimVision?

What are the differences between Communication Risk and Coordination Risk?

Why does the Baseline case show no Functional Quality, Project Quality or Coordination Risk?

What causes SimVision to generate an exception?

How do exceptions affect schedule and quality?

What are Functional exceptions?

What are Project exceptions, and how do they relate to rework link strength?


How do I reduce simulation time?

Are the conditions under which a simulation can run endlessly?

Why do SimVision’s Gantt chart dates differ from those of other scheduling software?


How can my CPM task duration be longer than my simulated task duration?

What is the relationship between task growth risk and position backlog?

What are the most common reasons for high task growth?

What is the relationship between position and person backlog?

How does SimVision calculate cost?

Why is the Finish milestone shown to late in the Gantt chart?

Can I export my simulation results data for analysis?

Why are my simulations all starting on dates in the last century?

Why are relative milestones planned date incorrect?


What are the most common interventions and why?

What is an acceptable amount of backlog? And, how do I know which backlog to “attack” first?

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