Matthew McConaughey in “Dallas Buyers Club”

Going All In: Committing to Advanced Work Packaging

In a recent interview, award-winning actor Matthew McConaughey of “Dallas Buyers Club”, was asked about how he dropped 50 pounds for the role. McConaughey said the hardest part was committing to lose the weight. But he knew filming the role without the weight loss would take viewers out of the story in the first frame.

In many ways, this story parallels the question companies face when deciding to implement Advanced Work Packaging (AWP). The definitive step in the AWP journey is the first one.

Making this shift requires an “all in” commitment as the company sets intentions, develops a road map and commits to the journey.

Having all stakeholders aligned with the program will make or break the effort. It’s important for stakeholders to sit together, ask questions, share concerns and voice support for the program. This helps a project weather challenges that may arise during implementation. When everyone is ready to go “all in,” the program is ready to execute.

AWP uses technology to combine updated work processes in a way that breaks down typical organizational silos and improves communication. When underscored by a strong commitment from your team, your AWP initiative is set up for success.