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Oil and Gas Exploration and Production

Major Projects Organization Design and Development

Natural Gas Capital Project Organization Readiness

Organization Engineering Delivers Measurable Business Benefits

Safer Work Schedules An Innovative Approach to Crew Scheduling

Simulation Models Accelerate Project Decisions an Energy Industry Case Study

ePM Increased an Energy Company’s Organizational Effectiveness and Revenue

Professional Management Saves a Troubled Construction Project

Ensure Your FEED Organization is Fit and Ready to Succeed

Engineering and Construction

Transportation Infrastructure Joint Venture Alignment

The Value of Project Constructability Reviews

Design Your Project Organization as Engineers Design Bridges

CII Follow Up Survey Report

Design Your Organization Scientifically

Managed Organizational Capability Produces Predictable Results

From Organizational Capability to Results. Finally! Quantifiable Team Behavior

Aerospace and Defense

Accelerate and Optimize the Organization Design

Engineer Exceptionally Capable Project Teams

NASA Launches Process + Organization Simulations: Risks Fall, Predictable Results Lift Off

Offshore, Deepwater and Onshore

Riding the Wave of Capitalizing on the Velocity of Change: Capital Project Organizational Capability and Results

Project Leaders Make Better, Faster Decisions Using Simulation Models

Technology Development

Design a Highly Reliable I.T. Project Plan

Technology Company Regains Control of Its Project Portfolio

Academic and Research

Dynamic Benchmarking: Behavioral Simulation as a Measuring Instrument for Organizational Performance

Understanding the causal relations in organizational structures of project teams


Team Integration and Development Experience on International Projects


Complete a Portfolio of Strategic Projects On Time


Streamline the Organization to Improve Quality and Productivity

General Services

Organization Maturity

SimVision: Help Clients Act with Confidence

Prepare Your Project Team For The Unpredictable Future

Predictive Organization Assessment

Scientific Organization Design

Engineer a Superior Organization with SimVision® Technology

Organization Readiness Survey

What is Team Integration?

Team Integration Workshop

Visualize Project Team Performance

Accountabilities, Deliverables and Interfaces

Build an Effective Contractor Consortium

Game-Changing Organization Performance

ePM Builds High Performance Organizations

Organization Readiness Assessment